How A 10 Yr. Old Girl Kept The Same Pet For 56 YEARS.

Most of us have pets like dogs and cats… maybe a goldfish or two. But some people enjoy being around very different kinds of pets.

Way back in 1962, Jeanna Smith celebrated her 10th birthday with her family taking her to the Milwaukee County Zoo. And while there, the zoo’s director, who was a good friend of Jeanna’s father, gave the young girl a very special birthday present. It was a young tortoise.

Earlier this year, Jeanna turned 65, and that tortoise that very same tortoise she received when she was a young girl celebrated it with her. Since Jeanna was 10, George the tortoise has always been there for her. He would go on vacations with her; he would ride in her bicycle basket; he would dress up on Halloween (with a little help from Jeanna) and greet trick-or-treaters.

When Jeanna went off to college, George went with her and lived in her dorm room. And she says he’s always been a wonderful pet. He typically dines on lettuce, but for special occasions, like Christmas, George will be served strawberries and kiwi.

A gopher tortoise like George can live usually between 40 and 60 years. And many in captivity have been known to live beyond 100 years. So there’s a very good chance George will outlive Jeanna. But she’s already taken care of that… he will go to her daughter, and it’s even in her will.

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