Student Called Teacher 3AM In The Morning For This.

Teachers so often leave a great impact on us. And it goes beyond their teachings; it’s often their human level that really matters. I remember all the ones who made a big difference in my life, and I’m sure you do, as well. And we can always hope we made them proud…THAT is their lasting legacy.

When a teacher tells you that she will always be there for you if you need her, you might wanna bank on that. Especially if you’re a former student of Chicago teacher LaShonda Carter. LaShonda told her students she would always be there for them. So three years after one of her female students graduated, that student called LaShonda and reached out to her… at 3 in the morning.

The student was really needing to go to a job fair later that morning, but did not have a way to get there nor anyone to watch her young baby while she tried to get a job.

LaShonda immediately stepped in, got a sitter for her own daughter, and picked up her former student for the job fair. And while that student was applying for a job, LaShonda waited patiently for her in her car with her child. After the student was finished, LaShonda drove her to apply for a program that assists mothers with getting food and nutrition education.

Says LaShonda: “Sometimes, as a teacher, our job goes beyond the classroom.”

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