Soldier Cooked His Wife A Year’s Worth Of Dinners To Eat.

Yin Yunfeng is a 27-year-old soldier in the Chinese Army and is stationed in Tibet. And you can bet that he sure misses his 26-year-old wife, Zhou Mai, who works as a teacher. And so many times, she goes without dinner because she runs out of time. So during one of Yin’s yearly furloughs, he cooked Zhou 12 months worth of dinners so she would not have to cook herself.

If that sounds like an exhaustive undertaking, it was. He cooked more than a thousand dumplings, 150 litres of his wife’s favorite noodle soup, and dozens of other hearty meals. He individually packaged all of them for each day of the next year.

But aside from this gargantuan gesture, Yin also hid love letters throughout the house to keep his wife’s spirits up while he was gone.

Along with those, he left some sweet treats hidden for her to find. Maybe one was a Pop Tart… who knows… 

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