Stray Dog Being Hailed As An Assistant Coach On Paraguayan Side Club.

Dog are our best buds. We love them and we feel a lot more secure when they’re around. And there’s pretty good reason for that.

A stray dog has been taken in by the Paraguayan side Club Sporting 2 de Mayo. She was named Tesapara. And she was even given a title… assistant coach.

She is actually the head coach’s constant companion. But more than that, since her arrival, the team has had an extremely good run against other teams.

Says head coach Carlos Saguier: “Tesapara is the guardian of the club. She lives there – when the gates close she is fierce but by day she is friendly. She accompanies me on the pitch, in the corridors and in the office.”

Maybe this is the club to follow… like Tesapara. 

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