“How Embarrassing”: Two Karens Come Up With A Plan To Interrupt A Wedding So The Guests Would Sing Happy Birthday To A 38-Year-Old Man.

Weddings are meant to be moments where all put their egos aside to honor the happy couple’s love. Some people, on the other hand, are unconcerned. One wedding attendee described how a ‘Karen’ disrupted the celebrations for an odd reason. Scroll down to read the rest of the story. How would you have responded if this happened at your wedding? What is the most effective strategy to deal in this situation? Share your thoughts on this

Source: Reddit

Stay with me folks as this tale has two c**ty Karen’s. This happened at a friend’s wedding I attended this summer. The newly wed couple had no idea that Karen #1 (EM of the birthday boy) and their Mom (Karen #2 – EM of the groom) were scheming together to make a happy birthday request with the DJ as the lovely couple finished cutting their cake.

Not missing a single beat, the Karen’s winked at one another across the aisle and EM#1 abruptly hand signals the dj for attention, and asks him to stop the music so the entire wedding would look over to her precious boy and sing happy birthday out loud to this grown a** 38 year old.

The groom and bride had no idea and the looks on their face was of fume and confusion. The birthday boy had no fu**ing clue what just happened. I spoke up and said to Karen #1 how embarrassing that would be if my mom did something like that to me and that she should not have taken attention away from the newlyweds. She snapped at me and said with a smirky smile “well, this isn’t for you now is it?” I rolled my eyes and looked away silently after realizing I’m talking to a wall.

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