Parents Discover 17-YO Daughter’s “Escape Plan” And Call Her Ungrateful For Planning To Leave Her Family.

Divorced parents who had kids from past marriages are more likely to remarry. Their lives are dramatically altered as a result of that choice, which no one can simply accept. When one of the parents wishes to remarry and ultimately extend their family by having more children, things get considerably more problematic. Kids from past partnerships frequently feel left and betrayed by their parents. Read the story to know what happened in this family and how you would deal with such a situation.

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If I’m an AH, I guess I’m an unrepentant one but this has generated a s**tstorm in my family so I don’t know if I’m in the wrong.

I (17f) have a weird family situation. My parents split up when I was 4 after my older brother died, he had always been really ill. They both remarried and have step-kids and other kids. I’ve been bounced around a lot and I don’t really feel at home in either place tbh. My mom and her side are mad at me because I won’t call my step-father “dad” and I keep to myself because there are just too many kids in that house. My dad’s side are mad at me because they’re super religious and I won’t play ball with the churchy stuff. I just don’t fit in either place and I try to stay busy out of the houses with school and work.

I thought about running away a couple of years ago, because reasons but also I’m either gay or bi, I’m not sure yet, and either way it’s not going to be good when I come out. I got everything together but my friend talked me out of it. I decided to stick it out till graduation, but it gave me the idea of having “emergency kits” for if something goes wrong and I have to leave quickly. Also, I have a plan and stuff prepared so I can just pick up and leave the day after graduation. I keep all my personal stuff hidden, like I have a phone the parents know about, but I got another one and repaired a junk laptop that I use for my real personal stuff. It’s a lot to keep up with sometimes, but it’s a habit now and it means I get some privacy.

The problem is that my step-brother was snooping in my room while I was gone and found one of my emergency kits and told my dad, who got worried that I’m up to no good and gave me the third degree and got my mom involved too. I told them I’m just trying to be prepared if there’s an emergency, but they went through all my stuff and found a few things I had written about wanting to leave and it’s become a big family issue with other relatives supporting or attacking my parents and my parents fighting again. They fortunately haven’t found the really important stuff, but they know there’s more that I’m keeping hidden.

My parents and some family members think I’m ungrateful and mean AH for being so secretive and having a plan to leave everyone. Other family think my parents are getting what they sowed and don’t blame me. Am I Wrong And Ungrateful?

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