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‘WANTING MORE NATURE,’ says Danica McKellar, whose family has relocated from Los Angeles to rural Tennessee.

Danica McKellar joked this week that the roles she’s played in Christmas films had “rubbed off” on her after revealing that she and her family relocated from Los Angeles to rural Tennessee last summer.

Her husband and she have always desired to be closer to nature. They were sort of eager to go out of town, the “Wonder Years” band said in an interview.

She said she loves how her favorite Christmas movie characters have influenced her. She thinks it’s a great example of life mimicking art.

McKellar, whose most recent holiday film is “Christmas at the Drive-In,” said she’ll throw a little Thanksgiving at her new house this year yet intends to get a head start on Christmas.

She has resided in Los Angeles since she was a youngster, although she and her husband have been to Tennessee.

McKellar said he went to Nashville when she was shooting a movie in Kentucky during their first month of dating because they couldn’t take being apart. They spent a fantastic weekend together.

She also stated that they are lured to Nashville’s music scene’s innovation.

Her new house, where she and her husband, kid, and mother have relocated, is roughly an hour outside of the capital.

Both Memphis and Nashville are entertainment centers. They’re well-known for their songs. Being from L.A. and a performer, it’s good to be surrounded by creative individuals, she stated.

For her, frankly, it’s primarily about the backyard, the Hallmark-turned-Great American Family Christmas movie actress stated as she settled into her new home. She also mentioned that her maple trees are turning gold, pink, orange, and crimson in the fall air, which is unusual in Los Angeles.

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