How This Man Managed To Travel The World For FREE.

Traveling the world is a big thing for a lot of people to do. And they will usually spend quite a bit of money for making that a reality. For some, however, getting from one place to another without paying anything at all is certainly the way to go.

Leon Logothetis is a world traveler. But, amazingly, he hasn’t spent a dime doing so. The 40-year-old globetrotter has relied solely on the generosity and donations of others in pursuing his worldly adventures.

That not only includes traveling itself, but also all the food and lodging that goes with it. He quit his job as a London broker back in 2005 and has been jotting the map with his visits ever since.

So far, he’s visited about a hundred countries and is featured in the Netflix series: “The Kindness Diaries.”

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