Teacher Does The Unthinkable To Her Most Difficult Student In Class.

Teachers can be some of the most amazing people, and most of them love their students. And some of them love their students so much, that they adopt them.

Chelsea Haley really wanted to make a difference, so the 24-year-old teacher decided to join Teach for America 2013 hoping to do just that. Part of the program is designed for teaching students in low-income schools.

But after a short time, Chelsea – teaching 4th grade — just wanted to pull her hair out and drop the program all together… because of one student – Jerome. He was such a problem… his behavior was just terrible. He was acting out in such a way that she just didn’t think she could handle it anymore.

But she stuck with it, and then she learned that 12-year-old Jerome had a 1-year-old brother. They had just lost their father and another close family member, and were living with their mom and grandparents in poverty.

Then Chelsea had a dream, a dream where God spoke to her and told her to become Jerome’s mother. When she awoke, she recalled the dream and laughed, thinking it was crazy. But that very same day, while her students were taking a test, Jerome looked up at Chelsea and he asked if he could come live with her.

Chelsea invited Jerome’s mom to dinner and his mom asked if Chelsea could take both of her sons with her and raise them, because she, herself, could not give them the life she really wanted them to have. So Chelsea did, and within a few months, she adopted them.

And so far, Jerome has made the honor roll twice, and everyone’s life is much better. 

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