None Of His Classmates Showed Up On His Birthday Party.

Little Evan was really looking forward to his big birthday party with his friends at the Chuck E. Cheese in New Jersey. His mom, Angel, had sent out invitations to 30 of his friends and was expecting everyone to have lots of fun at the party.

But when Angel took Evan to the Chuck E. Cheese, none of his friends were there. So they waited, and nobody showed up at all.

You could see the disappointment on the little 4-year-old’s face. But Angel, who was completely heartbroken, stayed strong and would not let her son see her break down.

But Chuck E. Cheese employee Taylor Inzinna couldn’t stand it anymore, and ran into the kitchen to cry. She felt so bad for the little boy, and when she told her co-workers about it, they felt just as bad.

That night, Taylor posted on Facebook about it, and within a couple of days, several co-workers, friends and family members responded with gifts to give Evan. Taylor still had the number for Angel when she made reservations for the earlier party, so she called her and asked her if she could please bring Evan back to Chuck E. Cheese. But she did not tell her anything else.

When Angel brought Evan back, Chuck E. Cheese himself was there, and he and many of the employees, including Taylor, gathered around Evan with lots of gifts, and did their best to make him feel very special. And he did, telling his mom, “This is the best day EVER!!!”

And it was also the best day ever for Angel and Taylor. 

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