How A Woman Tried To STEAL This Man’s DOG In A Courtroom.

Dogs are more than just pets. They are our friends. And for those of us who Have dogs and love them, we do our best to keep them healthy and safe. And it can be awful rough to be separated from them.

For those who like to watch real courtroom dramas on TV, a clip from last year’s taping of the Judge Judy show went viral. And in this one, she wasn’t yelling at a bunch of dum-dums for not minding their Ps and Qs. And she wasn’t scolding audience members for laughing too loudly at quirky responses from the plaintiff or defendant.

This time, the sharp-tongued judge – still seeming a bit cranky — was dealing with a man and woman who had separated, but both insisted that the dog who lived with them was theirs.

The man, as the plaintiff, said the dog was his, and the woman said that she had bought the dog from a man off the street.

So Judge Judy decided to settle the matter by having the small dog put down on the floor and watch who it would go to between the man and woman.

The little pooch immediately shot over to the man and began trying to climb up his leg. The tearful man said, “That’s my dog…”

Judge Judy then told him to take the dog home. Case closed. 

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