Girl Loses All Her Memory But Then Her Boyfriend Did This.

Love is something that should never be forgotten. But with some people, through circumstances, it happens. However, with a little understanding and patience, those memories can happen all over again.

Completely losing one’s memory is a terrible and tragic thing. And while it will usually start happening with age, it can also strike younger people. Jessica Sharman, for instance, was only 19 when a seizure wiped clean her entire memory.

Jessica, of Turnbridge Wells, England, did not know anything about herself after it happened… she didn’t know her parents, or her boyfriend, or anyone else who had been so dear to her throughout her life.

She and her boyfriend, Richard Bishop, were driving to work in March of 2016 when Jessica suffered an epileptic seizure. Up until then, her seizures only resulted in momentary amnesia. But everything would be fine a short time later. This time, however, her memory loss was severe.

Says Jessica: “My world fell apart that day. I was faced with strangers claiming to be family, telling me things about myself that meant nothing to me.”

For young Jessica, Everyone was a stranger. But slowly, she started believing what her parents would tell her. She did had a lot of trouble believing she and Richard were in a relationship, but she finally agreed to date him again.

Because of the care and compassion of everyone in her life, Jessica is STILL trying to work through obstacles, but she now believes she will be fine in the future, and is looking forward to creating new memories.

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