Dog Battling Cancer Gets A Home Forever.

A lovable, 10-year-old dog named “Smoke” has cancer, and he only has a few months more left to live, if that. So workers at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia, where Smoke lived, decided to create a bucket list for the dog so he could enjoy what little time he has left.

They wanted him to experience what could be the BEST in a dog’s life. So they took him on a trip to Nationals Park, so he could walk around the baseball field and enjoy some ice cream. Smoke then visited the Arlington Police Department to take a ride in a patrol car…. and have a doughnut for lunch.

But the best thing on Smoke’s bucket list was to find a good family to take him in and let him live out his last days like anyone should… surrounded by those who love him.

Recently, Sam Wolbert, president and CEO of the Arlington shelter, said Smoke could also cross that one off his list, as he was adopted by a loving family.

There are still some things left on his bucket list, like a birthday party, a trip to the beach, breakfast in bed, a camping trip, and jumping into a big pile of leaves.

The adopting family assured the shelter that the remaining items on Smoke’s bucket list would definitely be carried out. 

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