Whole Society Stood By The Teenager Who Wanted To Help His Teacher.

At 15-years-old, Waylon Klitzman is a nervous and awkward guy who just does not do well in social situations. But he’s a good kid. He plays football, works on the family farm in Janesville, Wisconsin, and raises animals, many of which are sold during 4-H livestock auctions. And he’s good at all that. And then there’s school. He’s not so good at that… it’s pretty rough for him really.

But in the first few weeks of 9th grade, he developed a good connection with Kim Katzenmeyer, his algebra teacher. She made him feel comfortable… even with, of all things, ALGEBRA. She could see the best in him, even though Waylon could not see that in himself.

Last year, Kim found out that her little 4-year-old niece, Harlow, had cancer, and that just tore her up. She couldn’t help but share that news with her class, and she told her students that she would be leaving her job soon to volunteer with a cancer research charity.

Waylon was heartbroken for his teacher, and he hurt for her little niece. So the next day in class, he walked up to his teacher and put some crumpled bills on her desk to go toward the cancer charity. It was $52… all the money he had left from selling his animals in the previous year’s 4-H livestock show.

So during last year’s 4-H livestock show, the nervous and awkward Waylon showed his prize pig, named Roo, in the livestock auction, with money raised from its sale going toward the cancer charity and to help Kim’s young niece.

All of the bidders during the auction were aware of Waylon’s intentions, and the bidding started. Roo sold for just more than $3,000. The winner of Roo then turned around and put Roo on the auction block again. Then it sold for $2,700. And that winner ALSO put the pig back on the auction block. And it happened again after that.

When Waylon entered his pig, he believed the very most he could get for Roo would be about $600. But when it was all said and done, as a shocked and amazed Waylon looked on, Roo fetched more than $10,000.

The very next day, he presented that huge amount to the charity that his former teacher was now working so hard for to fight cancer.

But first, Waylon, now gaining some confidence, stopped by to visit little Harlow and her family, and to assure them that miracles CAN happen. 

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