How This Poor Kid Had To Save Up Money So He Could Get A Service Dog.

Youngsters can be amazing, especially when they really put their hearts into something. And saving up money for something special is something that can always drive them to succeed.

About 5 years ago, now 9-year-old Aiden Heath was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Shortly after, the young boy from Waitsfield, Vermont, learned that some dogs are trained to detect slipping glucose levels in people. Almost immediately, Aiden wanted one of those special service dogs.

But service dogs can be awfully expensive, costing about $15,000 each. Aiden was determined, though, so he started saving all of his pennies, nickels and dimes to buy his very own service dog.

After a few years, the boy had raised about $6,000 of his goal on his own when news outlets began sharing his plight. In a matter of days, more than $20,000 in donations poured in for Aiden to buy his service dog. With that, his mom, Jenni, bought a dog from Nevada named Angel, a chocolate lab that had recently passed all of its tests on monitoring glucose levels. And soon after, Aiden and Angel were united.

Says Jenni: “We have been so amazed by the outpouring of support. He is feeling the love…. There are no words.”

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