How This Woman Born With Cerebral Palsy Become An Inspiration For The World.

Stephanie Hammerman was born with cerebral palsy. Their outlook for her was bleak, saying that she would never walk, talk, read or write. But it’s situations like this when you LOVE to be proven wrong. And Stephanie did just that.

Now at 29, Stephanie has beaten many, many odds, and she thrives off achieving what others tell her is impossible. Stephanie earned a master’s degree, she lifts weights and has become an athlete.

She was so inspired by her passion for working out that she opened her own cross-fit gym in 2014, and became the first CrossFit Level 2 certified trainer with cerebral palsy.

Two years later, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. But after she went through seven weeks of treatment, that cancer was gone. She beat it. And it wasn’t long after that that Nike contacted Stephanie and asked her to be an athlete to represent them.

Says Stephanie: “I am an example for so many people out there, and what’s really cool is people come in and I change their perception of what an adaptive athlete looks like. I change their perception of what it means to be part of the adaptive community, and I can’t be more proud of that.” 

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