Mother Posted How These Teenagers Treated Her Autistic Son On His Birthday.

Carter has high-functioning autism, and for his 5th birthday, his mom, Kristen, took him to a skate park in South Brunswick, New Jersey. Kristen let him ride his scooter in the park, and after a short while, a group of older boys showed up. They could have been mean-spirited to the young boy; they could have just ignored him entirely. What they did, however, was something quite outstanding.

The boys showed Carter how to use a mini skateboard… how to balance on it and how to make it move. They allowed him to use their skateboard, and helped him every step of the way, and never once made fun of him. They even quickly helped him up when he would fall. And, after learning it was his big day, they all sang Happy Birthday to him.

Kristen was overwhelmed by their kindness to her son, and none of them even knew he had autism.

Teens teach New Jersey boy with autism how to skateboard

A group of teenagers in South Brunswick, New Jersey, befriends 5-year-old Carter Braconi, a boy with autism, and teaches him how to skateboard.

Posted by The National Desk – TND on Saturday, 30 March 2019

Says Kristen: “They wanted to do that for him and their kindness and inclusion without knowing anything was going on with him, it was amazing.”

After a while, Kristen and Carter left the park, but soon came back. They had bought ice cream and sandwiches for the boys. While those boys were being so nice to Carter, Kristen was taking a video of it all. She later posted some of the video to Twitter, and it went viral.

It also caught the attention of the New Brunswick police, who posted the video on their website in an effort to track down those young boys. In most cases, if the police are looking for you, it’s not gonna be a good thing. But police WERE able to find the boys, and, because of their kindness in helping a little boy have a great birthday, the police department had a special pizza party for them.

It always pays to be kind… no matter who you are… OR…. how old you are….. 

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