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How Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have made their 30-year marriage “untouchable”

In today’s world of change and snap choices, it’s more vital than ever to recognize the dedication of couples who have stood the test of time.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are unquestionably in this group.

Over the course of three decades, Hanks and Wilson have been there for one another through thick and thin, raised kids, and managed to bring joy and comfort to the world.

When their 30th wedding anniversary arrived, Rita resolved to honor her husband in the greatest way she knew how.

Before becoming a Hollywood A-list couple, Tom and Rita were simply two ordinary people who fell in love.

Hanks had divorced his first wife, Samantha Lewe, and was hesitant to commit to another woman.

Hanks explained how he thought about Rita the first time he met her in an interview with the podcast “Sooo Many White Guys”: he’ll admit that he thought there was something really special about her from the start. When he saw her, he thought, ‘Oh Lord’… there’s something cookin’ here.’

Even after 31 years, their love for one another is as intense as it has always been.

Rita shared a vintage cardboard-cutout of their wedding day, with both her and Tom standing alongside it as they are now, as a monument to their ongoing connection.

She captioned her Instagram post, “April 30, 1988 – April 30, 2018. Thirty on Thirty Golden Anniversary. Keeping love alive with @tomhanks #wedding #love #weddinganniversary #thirtyyears”

Tom stated that the couple’s longevity cannot be attributed to any type of secret.

He wished there was a secret. They really like each other. He still can’t believe his wife will accompany him on a date. He’d never have talked to her if they were in high school and he was simply hilarious…

They say it must be difficult work. No, it isn’t. One has to get over some stuff every now and then, but life is one darn thing after another, and it’s really more enjoyable to be able to go home with somebody one enjoys spending time with in order to get over it.

When a new publication inquired about Tom’s marriage, he provided the following responses: They married, made a commitment to each other, love each other, and work hard on their relationship. They not only love one other, but they also like each other. They like being together, they support each other, and they keep the lines of communication open. That is always essential.

Wilson’s breast cancer diagnosis in 2015 was one of the most difficult moments in their relationship.

Fortunately, the physicians caught it early on, and Wilson was able to receive therapy. Of course, Tom Hanks was at her side the entire time.

It’s wonderful to hear that their marriage has endured and endured – I wish them many more years of happiness as they celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary this year.

Isn’t it wonderful to witness a down-to-earth Hollywood couple who haven’t allowed celebrities to separate them over the years?

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