Huge Surprise For The Man Who Offered His Services To The Struggling Couple For Free.

John and Stacy Lemonds were worried about the electrical wiring in their Oklahoma home. It was an old home… been around since the 1940s, and the lights were just not as functional as they used to be. Their biggest concern, however, was that their heat was not working at all and winter was quickly approaching.

When their meter was inspected, John and Stacy were told they could not stay in the house until problems were fixed, because it was deemed a fire hazard.

Then, Josh Matthews heard about their problems. Josh, who had done two tours with the Army in Afghanistan, now worked as an electrician. He went to the couple’s home and inspected their wiring. There was a lot of work that had to be done. Josh recruited some friends and went to work on the house, as John and Stacy stayed at a nearby hotel. The two were both out of work, and had very little money, but their church put them up in the hotel. And they were saying a lot of prayers for their situation.

Josh and his buddies put a lot of time and effort – several days and nights – to bringing the home up to code, and then they told John and Stacy it was safe to return. He didn’t charge them a dime.

When officials at a local news channel heard about Joshua’s good deed, they, as well as John and Stacy and First Fidelity Bank, wanted to surprise Josh with something. So they called him back for a fake re-inspection.

The bank gave the couple $400 to pay it forward for Josh. Then the TV crew surprised him and Stacy presented him with the $400 for his good deed. He was most definitely surprised.

Says Josh about John and Stacy: “They needed help. It’s just what anyone should do.” 

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