Single Mother Informs Her 6 Yr Old Son She Has To Leave Him And Go.

When Naomi was a teenager, she kept getting colds and throat infections. After a bunch of tests, her mother was shocked when the doctor told her that her daughter had a rare form of leukemia. So she underwent several bone marrow transplants. Then, her doctor said she needed strong chemo treatments and steroids or she would be dead within weeks.

Well, that was extremely concerning news. It seemed like no matter what option the now 26-year-old chose, death was going to be close by. She did not want to die at all, but she definitely did not want to die without giving her 6-year-old son, J’varn, as much quality time as she could, and to prepare him for life without her.

Said Naomi’s sister, Kirsty: “J’varn took it really well on the day she told him. He accepted it. I think, in a way, because she’s always been poorly, he’s used to her being in and out of the hospital. That has sort of helped him.”

Added Kirsty: “It’s heartbreaking. We have watched her go through so much and we always assumed she would get through it because she always has managed to get through – and she’s so strong. There have been times that the doctors have been surprised when she’s got through it. She always pulls through against the odds.”

Sadly, this time, however, it does not look like Naomi will make it, as a GoFundMe page has been created to pay for her funeral. 

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