Husband Holds His Wife Of 34 Years In His Arms Close To His Heart As She Struggles With Early Onset Of Dementia

Having a spouse who will support and guide you no matter what is a huge benefit. Despite the fact that we wish for the best when we say “I do,” not everyone is as fortunate to have such unrestricted emotional support from a spouse. Phyllis Feener, on the other hand, was one of the fortunate few. Observing someone’s mental condition.

Phyllis and Stan had been married for more than three decades and had established a life and raised a family together. Seeing your partner’s mental health deteriorate over time may be tremendously distressing and emotionally taxing. When the family learned that Phyllis, 52, had early-onset dementia, Stan was determined to be there for his wife in any way she required.

Kelli Taylor, their daughter, documented her parents’ love and shared it on Twitter. Phyllis was sleeping in her husband’s arms in the photograph. Kelli stated her parents’ marriage has lasted 34 years. Her mother is nearing the end of her life with early-onset dementia. Her father looks after her full-time. She doesn’t always recall his name, but she knows she’s in good hands with him. If it isn’t pure love, she is not sure what is.

The photograph moved many individuals and was widely circulated around the world. Nevertheless, Stan was dissatisfied with the amount of times the tweet was read or shared. All he had to say was how much he loved his wife. He is  not familiar with Twitter and really adores his wife, Stan said.

Phyllis and Stan married 34 years ago. Amidst the ups and downs, the pair enjoyed a happy marriage until she started experiencing difficulty recalling things in 2012.

Her family assumed she was experiencing typical memory loss and related it with menopause. A medical checkup in 2013 indicated, though, that Phyllis was suffering from early-onset dementia.

Given that Phyllis was just 52 at the time, the news came as a surprise, yet this made their hearts ache. Stan stepped in and devoted his full time to caring for Phyllis. Though it pained his heart to see his wife of over three decades deteriorate mentally, the devoted husband understood that Phyllis required him now more than ever.

According to their daughter, her mother’s condition has left her yearning for more attention. She wanted to inform her followers and friends about the situation. This surprised her. They’ve always been close and loving. Now she wants it even more.

Likewise, the family established a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Phyllis’s full-time care. Phyllis’s condition has worsened, according to the family. She is unable to execute simple chores such as pouring breakfast or dressing, has difficulty conveying her views and desires, and has forgotten the names of family members.”

They also stated that she could not be left alone and that she required constant supervision. Fortunately, Stan has a career that allows him to work from home and care for Phyllis with the support of friends and family. But, they are rapidly approaching the point when greater assistance is required. This is the motivation behind their ‘Phyllis Fund.’ According to the family’s GoFundMe page.

The family also specified how the funds will be spent. A minimum of 12 hours per week of in-home care costs roughly $20 per hour. They ‘re also looking into adult daycare facilities, which range in price from $50 to $75 per day, yet they’re not sure how Phyllis would fare in such a new, dynamic setting. They would want to postpone assisted living for as long as possible, but the unpredictable nature of this condition makes long-term planning problematic.

Stan finally stopped his work and began entirely caring for his wife. Sadly, Phyllis tragically died in 2018 after facing a severe mental condition for five years.

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