Woman spots train commuter with a VERY awkward reminder scrawled on his hand

An Australian commuter made headlines after he was seen with a note written on his palm reminding himself to “send a breakup email” that day.

The unknown guy was spotted on a Sydney train by radio broadcaster Emma Chow, who brought up the ‘gutless’ behavior on their show RnB Fridays with co-host Mike E.

Emma also posted a video of the bizarre occasion to TikTok, which polarized viewers: some lambasted the ‘humiliating’ reminder, while others supported him or justified it as a simple reminder for anything ‘work-related.’

Emma stated on the air that she was on a train when she observed a message scribbled on the hand of the man in front of her who kept scratching his neck.

She had to record this since she couldn’t imagine this person had scribbled this note on his palm, she explained.

First and foremost, how humiliating. Second, unknown to her, this unfortunate girl will be torn up with, and it will just land in her Gmail with the words “I don’t want to be together anymore.”

Mike justified the man, claiming that an email is lengthier than a message and that he could detail the facts he no longer wishes to be with the mystery woman, but Emma was not having it.

At the very least, tell it to her face or over the phone. One can’t write an email to an individual to break up with them, she remarked.

One viewer jokes, ‘The regular Thursday reminder for every male university student who picked up the weekend before.’

Emma’s video has received over 75,600 views online, with many commenters expressing their thoughts regarding the man’s dating condition.

‘Imagine the closing… ‘Live, laugh, I don’t love you,’ another said.

‘I had to write it on his hand or else his peanut brain would forget.’ ‘She’s better off, mate,’ said a third.

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Others, though, were not so eager to presume, pointing out that the reminder may signify something quite different.

‘It’s a marketing word. ‘He’s writing it to a potential,’ said one.

‘Could be planning a work break,’ a second idea occurred to me.

‘Poor man merely works in inbound sales and will be hauled to hell and back,’ a third remarked.

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