Mom Overheard Why His Son Is Going To Marry A Rich Older Woman.

A husband is someone who can be your best friend where you share everything and who understands you literally quite well. It’s naturally for a wife to express her feelings-anger/sadness/happiness to her husband. In this story a wife cried her heart out when she overheard her friends talking ill about her and their son. Read the story and do you think she was right in sharing it with her husband.

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My 18 year old son Eric just graduated high school. I’m very proud of him because he has ADHD and school has always been a struggle for him but he’s going to college and his future is promising.

I was out with my 2 girlfriends and both have children the same age as Eric. Well I excused myself to the washroom and right before I was about to go back into the room I overheard one of them say that I must be so disappointed in Eric. (Disappointed because he’s not studying law or medicine etc like their kids)

This got my attention and I kept listening.

They continued to talk about how he barely graduated and then they made a few odd jokes about how Eric’s probably going to follow in my footsteps and marry a rich older lady. They talked about my son’s “reputation” and laughed about how he clearly cares more about his face than his future. Just like his mother.

This hurt me a lot. I was heartbroken. Not only were they insulting me, but my son as well.

I walked into the room and they went silent but acted as if they weren’t just sh*t talking. I didn’t mention it and simply decided to never hang out with them ever again.

But when I got home my husband asked me if anything was wrong and I just began to cry and told him everything. I’ve been friends with them for a year and gosh I don’t even know.

He was really angry. He had invited them and their families to go on a quick two day trip and he called their husbands and cancelled. When they asked why he told them that there was no way in hell he was paying to take two bitter mean girls that insult his wife and son on vacation.

Well I got a call from the two and they were really upset. They said that I need to tell him to rethink his decision and that they were just joking around because their kids were really looking forward to the trip. I told them that I didn’t want to but they said that I should’ve talked to them instead of crying to my husband like a weak a** bitch. I told them to f%^k off and they replied with “this is exactly why we hate you, wait sorry are you gonna go cry to your husband again?”.

That stung a little and now I’m wondering, Am I A Jerk for not being straight up and crying to my husband instead? The two think I am and my sister agrees that I should’ve dealt with it myself and I went too far telling my husband.

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