Husband Loses Job When Wife Tells His Boss The Truth. She Did The Right Thing.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Each individual has their own difference of opinion. In this story a wife is fed up with her husband’s excuses towards his work. Read the story to know what she does and let us know if you agree with her.

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My husband (33) has a habit of making up excuses to get out of work. Simply for just not feeling like working on certain days. This has affected us financially because his boss kept lowering his salary as a result. I had to get a 2nd job. He’s now bought a ps5 from his 14yo cousin and started playing with it day and night. Meanwhile missing work and lying to his boss about why he does it. This time it’s because of bad diarrhea and he couldn’t get off the toilet, that time is because of fever etc etc.

Honestly I got fed up with him ruining his job and causing us money. I told him he needed to knock this off but he told me to stay out of it and focus on my JOBS.

Days ago. He was asleep after staying up all night playing video games. He’s decided to skip work even though his boss gave him a last warning. His boss called at 8 a.m and I picked up the phone. He asked where my husband was and whether he was coming to work. I straight up said no, because he was up all night playing video games and decided he wasn’t going the next day. His boss ended the call with me then I went to work.

2hrs later, I got a call from my husband panicking saying he found a text from his boss saying he was fired and asked if I told him to get him to do that. I said I told him the truth, but he blew up at me saying he was cooking up an excuse to get his (now former) boss off his back and give him the day off but I went I ***ked I all up. I told him he can’t blame me after the pattern he’s set and the lack of commitment he’s shown to his former boss. He yelled saying I did this to get back at him and to mess with his livelihood. He hung up but the Nast texts kept coming. I went home and he’s gone completely silent while occasionally venting about how I ruined his job for him when I could’ve lied and told his former boss whatever excuses instead. Did I go too far here? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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