Champion gymnast with Down Syndrome becomes a stunning model, now inspires people around the world

Chelsea Werner, 22, from California is shaking the world with her gymnastic talents. However, not only is she a four-time nationwide winner, she also has Down syndrome but she doesn’t look at her disability as a restraint.

As low muscle tone is an indication of her diagnosis, she began doing gymnastics as a way of hardening her muscles. But then merely four years later, this inspiring young woman was working out for the Special Olympics.

Realising how much their daughter valued gymnastics and how far-off she had come in four years, Chelsea’s parents set about eyeing for a best coach to work with her. They found Dawn Pombo who saw the possibility in Chelsea and appreciated how hard she functioned to attain her dreams.

It was a fight to begin with as Chelsea would have to take consistent pauses and complained that her belly hurt. Her coach said she could hardly walk on the balance beam one way and back without dropping.

Chelsea was strong-minded to show her talent and initiated working out for 16 hours a day. Pombo hard-pressed her as any other gymnast she had functioned with, looking in to her capabilities to turn out to be a great gymnast.

Her willpower and hard work has paid off as Chelsea has now earned four national championships at the Special Olympics and the International Down Syndrome Foundation World Championships trophy.

Chelsea also appeared as a distinct visitor at this year’s NCAA women’s gymnastics tournament. Now she is eying on modelling, though it is a huge dare but she does not give up so simply.

She has been presented on the cover page of Teen Vogue, walked in New York Fashion Week and journeyed through the world for big-brand promotions.

She shared that she have constantly treasured being in front of the camera and that’s where she got the pet name ‘Showtime.’ She further added that every time there is a camera or spectators, she is at her finest.

She added that she also loves the travel and her first modelling work was for H&M and she shot it in Havana.

Several persons in the world now admire her and look up to her. Talking of her outlook on being a role model, she said that she likes it and if she can benefit give anybody courage that makes her very content and honoured.

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