Woman cries at sentencing for killing her 3-year-old in drunk driving crash

A mother who admitted to drinking and driving before murdering her 3-year-old son, Michael Jones, in a vehicle accident in August 2018, was sentenced on Tuesday.

Jones died after his mom, Charlessia Pelt, was involved in a car accident while drinking and driving. Jones was thrown from the automobile.

On August 9, 2018, an accident occurred at the junction of 7 Mile Road and Hayes Street.

Charlessia Pelt was allegedly driving along 7 Mile Road into oncoming traffic and passing a Detroit police officer. According to witnesses, she was on her smartphone when she arrived at Hayes Street.

Lonell Jones, the child’s dad, described it as a difficult day.

Jones added as much as it pains, he has to be his son’s voice. On August 9, he received a call from a stranger informing him that his kid had been in an accident. She is aware of the harm she has caused.

Pelt expressed that people behave as if she didn’t love her child. He was everything to her. 

Before the sentence, the judge had some harsh words for Pelt. In the judge’s words, “When you tell me that you truly love your children, I have (a) little doubt in my mind because of the risk you’re putting them in.”

Pelt was condemned to jail for three to fifteen years.

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