‘I eat dog food for breakfast, dinner and tea because I can’t afford real food’

Handling your own money is difficult, particularly if you’re not used to it.

One university student admitted to eating dog food for breakfast, supper, and tea since he had run out of money.

The man described how he ate his way through a dish of dog chow as a challenge before realising he had a liking for it.

He said he had resorted to eating dog food because he is poor. He only eats dry dog food and has never tried wet.

His strange diet, nevertheless, did not go unnoticed by his roommates, who wondered why he had so many bags of dog food in his bedroom when he didn’t have a pet.

He continued, one of his other pals came into his room and spotted loads of dog food and asked him about the dog food as he has no pets. When he told his pal it was for him, the pal simply was shocked

After consuming a large number of bags, the guy has begun to wonder whether eating dog food on a daily basis will endanger his health.

While several people asked how cost effective substituting human food for dog food is, others advised him to visit food banks to assist him get through this hard time.

“Inexpensive dog chow is laden with filler elements that are hardly digestible,” one customer remarked. Basically, you’ll defecate more and not get the nutrients you need.

“It is also not governed by the same rules as human food.” It frequently contains ground up animal parts such as chicken beaks, bones, and feathers. These problems would not exist in expensive dog chow manufactured with high-quality components. However, this negates the aim of saving money.

“There are methods to consume human food on a budget. Rice and beans will last a long time, taste better than dog food, and provide a more balanced diet. It’s probably even less expensive than eating puppy kibble. “Learn how to cook!”

Another user commented: “I would not advise that you keep doing this because pet food is not subject to the same health and safety regulations or quality control as human food.

“It probably doesn’t have much nutritional content, but even if that doesn’t worry you, the fact that it may include garbage that isn’t appropriate for human consumption should.

“You might become ill from toxins since the food isn’t treated as well as human food, or additions that aren’t permitted for human use could harm your health.”

“Dog chow isn’t intended for the special nutrition needs of people, even though it’s created from substances that are theoretically OK for humans to ingest,” warns Healthline.

“As a result, it is not intrinsically poisonous to humans and may be harmless in an emergency.” Yet, eating dog food may raise your chances of getting food poisoning.”

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