Husband Love For His Pregnant Wife Will Make Every Woman Envy.

Story by Arnold Henry

Dear Dads, pregnant women should never have to feel lonely while carrying our babies. We need to try to be involved as much as possible and give them a shoulder to lean on. After all, I believe that fatherhood starts when our seed is planted. My wife will never have to worry about raising our children on her own but I’m aware that there are so many mothers that don’t receive the same support from their baby daddies.

“I am over being pregnant.” Lately, my wife have been sharing this sentiments on a daily. 24 weeks pregnant with her 4th pregnancy, I do not blame her. She complains about back pain and exhaustion. At these moments of her struggles, I take that as an opportunity to remind her that I’ll always be by her side. Do you know that it makes a world of a difference by simply being present whenever she calls for help? We as dads will never be able to feel all the emotions that comes with carrying a baby, but we can help with love, comfort and reassurance.

This will be our last baby. Both my wife and I agreed that we are looking forward to the next phase in our lives where we would strictly focus on raising our children. No more babies in our future after this one. I’m so grateful for my wife’s strength and everything that she had to endure in bringing 3 sons into our world. Thank you 😊

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