“I’ve Come To Realize That Baseball Is More Than A Pastime. It’s A Lifetime.”

Story by Mehr Lee

There’s something beautiful in the sight of a small, dirt-laden diamond, the most precious gem of baseball. The jewel that transforms neighborhood kids into small town legends.

There’s something about those overhead lights that turns our little boys into shooting stars.

There’s something about the way a ball sounds coming off the bat. That clang hits you right in the chest and sends you soaring after that ball, hoping, praying, it makes its way through the gap.

There’s something hypnotizing in the chants that drift from the dugout, small voices coming together to rouse their teammates, but at the same time rousing the crowds of adults.

There’s something in the sound of a ball landing in the catcher’s mitt after whizzing over the plate, a satisfying thud that makes you feel like it’s found its home.

There’s something about the blur of cleats, small wheels turning hard and fast to get to the next bag that makes your heart race along with them.

There’s something in the firm stance of a coach. Whether he’s signaling, barking orders, or applauding. His presence lends a comfort, a confidence, an encouragement to strive for greatness.

There’s something in witnessing a well-executed bunt, a double play, a grand slam, a no-hitter that brings you to your feet.

And boy, is there something about a victory, when they all rush in with infectious excitement, or a loss that bring them to tears. There’s no denying that emotion.

There’s something about Little League that brings a community together. Teammates into brothers. Working dads into mentors. Spectators into family.

There’s something about the way Little League transforms our kids into athletes that we can’t help but look up to, and yet we know they are still the boys we are proud to bring home.

I’ve come to realize that baseball is more than a pastime. It’s a lifetime. A legacy that brings generations together. Even though the seasons are long, the years are short. A small fraction of our lives. But I know twenty years from now, our boys will still relive their moments of splendor on that dirty diamond. Nothing can outshine that glimmer of youthful glory.

I’ve been blessed to sit among the best fans of the greatest game. To witness the most amazing victories and heart wrenching defeats. Because of these boys, baseball has become a part of me, a surge that now runs in my veins. I never expected it, but I’m so grateful for it. These are their best years. This is real Baseball. And I have loved every moment.

Thank you, Little League! I’m forever your fan!

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