Husband Refuses To Take Care Of Cancer-Stricken Wife & Cheats On Her While She Undergoes Chemo Because He Has “Needs.”

As a support system, we look up to our spouse. While we laugh and have a good time with them, we also aspire to be able to rely on them in times of need. In this story a woman was diagnosed with cancer who expected her husband to support and care for her. But his thoughtless and unrepentant behaviour destroyed the heart of his wife. Read the painful story that this wife shared. 

Source: Reddit

I (32f) have been with “John” (35m) for nearly 12 years and married for 9 years. 5 months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2, it’s treatable but requires surgery and several cycles of chemo. John has literally done nothing to help me. I receive very little sympathy or care from him. Last month I moved in with my sister so she could take care of me as i am weak and need the help.

Yesterday I went to our house, when I got there John was sleeping and something in me said look at his phone. He had several texts between him and some woman called “Jenifer”. He basically has been dating Jenifer for the past 4 months. I woke him up and asked him why he’d cheat and why he’d abandon me when I so needed him.

I had been a good wife and took care of him fulltime even after he had his motorcycle accident. I fed him, washed him and cared for him for 2 years since he literally couldn’t stand on his own. Now that I need his help he’s pretending like I don’t exist or like I’m not his problem. He didn’t have much to say about the cheating other than “I have needs” but his answer on why he isn’t taking care of me certainly stuck out. He said “I didn’t ask you to stay and care for me. You shouldn’t have expected that of me”.

I left and went home to my sister. I haven’t told her or anyone. I am so confused. How could he say that? Shouldn’t i be able to expect him to care for me and not cheat?! I used to believe he loved me and liked me but the past 5 months have been an eye opener!.

I paid off his student debt,I helped throughout 4 years of no work and bad health. 12 years wasted, 12 years of being a supporting actress in my own life story. Here I am in my sister’s guest bedroom crying. I have been so stupid. Why doesn’t he care? 

What would you do in her situation? Any advice…

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