“I Fell Pregnant At 13 And Trolls Told Me They Hoped I’d Die In Labour.”

Being pregnant is a beautiful phase. However being a mom at a young age is not easy. In this story this young lady had wonderful parents who supported and understood their daughter which made this young girl turn into a beautiful teen mom.

When Maddie Lambert was 13 and found out she was pregnant, one of the worst things somebody told her was, “I hope you guys die in labour.”

The adolescent mother was cruelly mocked online and at school, with students tucking balls beneath their shirts to mock her bulging belly. Maddie glances at those early days with the point of view of somebody considerably wiser than her years now that her daughter Everly is three.

Maddie remarked  “The hatred made me want to be better.” She felt compelled to show them. She aspired to be the finest mother they had ever known.

In the video, Maddie is performing multiple tasks like any carefully prepared parent does, briefly discussing her experience of being a pregnant young person, the following disclosing to her little girl on the off chance that they paint on a red nose with lipstick, they’ll need to wash it off later.

She said that she always despised teen mothers. There is a lot of turmoil in the media and on MTV’s Teen Moms. She was afraid of the negative responses she would get when she found out she was pregnant. And she did receive a lot of it. No one was holding back.

Everly is the finest thing that has ever happened to Maddie. She expressed that Everly didn’t simply transform her, she saved her life. Before she became pregnant, she suffered with depression and attempted suicide when she was 13. Maddie expressed her inability to find her place in the world and her emotions of purposelessness. It gave Maddie a motivation to battle when she discovered that she was pregnant with her.

Maddie Lambert rose to prominence after launching her YouTube channel. Her first video where she clarified her pregnancy and experience as a teen mum circulated around the web.

She revealed that  Isaac parted ways with her, and before then she had missed her period for a long time. The whole family got stomach sickness a few weeks before they broke up. She was the most ill, but she assumed it was due to the infection. Maddie’s mother drove her to the doctor, who ran several tests on her. The doctor called with the test findings a couple of days later, while the family was on vacation.

Maddie had realised she was pregnant at that point, but morning sickness had caused her to lose weight, so it was easy to deny it.

“The first thing my mother said to me was, ‘I just got off the phone with the doctor, and you’re at least 10 to 12 weeks pregnant,'” Maddie recounted.

Maddie, frightened, sobbed uncontrollably. She pleaded with her mother to please not to hate her. Her mother answered “I love you. I love babies. Since we can’t undo what happened, let us go on.”

Maddie’s mum urged her to tell Isaac he would have been a father. He didn’t trust her at first and assumed it was a joke. He realised it was true when Maddie texted him a snapshot of the ultrasound scan. Yet, at 15, he was alarmed, and he vanished from Maddie’s life.

Maddie and Isaac talked about it. “I know we spoke about it before,” she added, “but one of your regrets is not meeting Everly sooner.” “I conversed with my mother, I told her before I got into Everly’s life, how about we get a paternity test,” Isaac said.

Issac expresses that he wishes he could have been there. He was gone for 10 months. Maddie was enraged with him, and rightfully so Maddie and Isaac are now successful co-parents after three years. Even their phrases are completed by each other.

The young mother pondered the challenges of raising a child.

She explained that a good mother is somebody who puts their child first. She threw away her entire childhood. She can do everything for the little angel in her life. She is the centre of her universe.

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