Husband Annoyed When She Told His Family “He Didn’t Buy The House But Both Of Us Did.”

Having a home of your own is indeed special. And when you and your spouse both contribute to buying the home it’s not only special but also romantically beautiful. However what if the husband tends to show it’s only he who has sacrificed everything to buy the home and not including the wife’s sacrifice or hard work. Read the story and let us know your views. 

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My husband M34, and I, F31 bought our first single story house a few weeks ago. We both put money towards it and both our names are on the title. Days ago we hosted dinner for his family (my family lives in another state) and friends to celebrate this occasion. They brought gifts and took a tour around the house. We had an overall good time till dinner.

My husband suddenly started telling the story of how much he sacrificed, how many extra jobs he took and how many years he spent to save for and buy this house, completely ignoring my part of role in it. I was confused, I kept staring at him as he went on about how he found the house and how much trouble he got into to get it. His family and friends looked impressed as he kept saying “my house this, my house that”. I said hold on, and told them that it’s not his house, but our house because we both equally saved and contributed equally to be able to purchase it. His mom asked if I was serious and I offered to show her the legal document. My husband looked at me shocked and got quiet while his friends and family kept looking at him. He then excused himself to the bathroom for 40 minutes. I had to say goodbye to the guests by myself.

He later blew up asking wth I just did, I said he shouldn’t have lied to them in the first place. He asked “what could you have possibly gained by saying what you said? What could you have possibly lost if you didn’t? Do you ever think before you speak?” I got mad and replied that he was dismissing my role in buying the house and I didn’t like that. He was like “oh so you decided to humiliate me in front of my family and friends to appear important? Pretentious much?” I found this insulting but he argued I messed up and ruined his joy in the new home when I could’ve avoided it. I got tired of arguing so I went to sleep. He went radio silence the next day and has been acting upset for days now. Did I go too far here? Does he have a valid point? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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