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Grinning Teen Uses Selfie Stick To Film Girlfriend And Mother Fighting.

It’s bad enough to video a street battle on a selfie stick while leering into the camera in the forefront – however when the warriors are your mother and girlfriend, it’s plain revolting.

That’s what one adolescent in the United States did, obviously relishing the violent altercation behind him as the duo brutally grabbed one another’s faces and began swapping bites.

The boy, who opens the video by giving his mother a baseball bat as she stands on the patio of their US house yelling insults at his sweetheart, laughs throughout. The mom asks her son for aid at a certain point, with her son’s girlfriend’s fingers wrapped around her face, but he is too concentrated on beaming into the camera and thinks his girlfriend is “too strong.”

The almost two-minute video has been seen more than 15,000 times. It was photographed using a selfie stick, with the youngster in the frame the entire time.

At the beginning, the boy’s mother can be heard yelling at his son’s girlfriend to stop destroying her home.

She stated ‘You are not my family.’

Her son then sniggers and tosses her a baseball bat, however cautiously eliminates it as his girlfriend approaches the patio entryway. He adds: ‘You won’t hit her with the bat.’

The mother slams the door as the young lady takes a glass and menacingly waits outside the porch for the boy to pry it from her fingers. Yells can be heard from the lady inside who shouts ‘I’m not frightened of you.’

She comes out of the door, and the girl tosses a flower pot at her, and the two begin to wrestle savagely, much to the boy’s delight.

The girl pushes the woman’s head into the letterbox, pulling at her clothing and squeezing her face before yelling that her boyfriend’s mother bit her. The adolescent, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, chuckles into the camera.

As the two wrestle, the lady yells, ‘Get this b**** off me!’ Her son answers, ‘I’m trying, she’s too powerful,’ however continues to smile into the camera while filming the brawl behind him.

The youngster states at the conclusion of the video that it is for Instagram and Facebook.

Many people remarked on the clip, with the majority wondering why he didn’t go to his mother’s help and stop his sweetheart.

Watch the video and let us know what you think about the boy’s action. 

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