Husband Won’t Give His Wife A Penny From His Inheritance, Gets Mad When She Does The Same After Inheriting A Small Fortune.

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My husband and I had triplets (all boys) about 2 yrs. after we got married. They had some health issues. Because of that my husband wanted me to quit my job and take care of our boys and our home. Since it was cheaper than paying for specialized child care. I agreed.

Our family lives in a row of townhouses (6 homes in our building) that were owned by our landlord at the time. I was offered a job cleaning town homes when a tenant moved out by our landlord. I asked my husband about it. He said that he didn’t care but he didn’t want it to “interfere” with my responsibilities at home. We also agreed the money would be mine since it’s a second job.

We did this for 3 yrs. it grew into where I cleaned other places for my landlord. I just put the money into savings. My Father in-law. Died June of 2019. When My husband received a check from his mom I asked my husband about it. He got angry and said that it his money and any future inheritance would not be part of our family budget.

My husband ended up going on several trips with his brothers with the money. I was ok with that. Although I was hurt he got angry when I asked about it. October 2021. My grandpa died. I am the only grandchild. My parents make good money so his estate was left to me. I just transferred the money. Rented out the farm land around his home. I did decide to keep his home since it is close to my parents’ home. I live 4 hrs away from them. I didn’t talk to my husband about it since it was “my inheritance“.

January of this year my landlord came to me and let me know he was selling the townhomes I live in. With costs rising around us I was worried about it. It would cause a major impact on our family budget. Things worked out to where I was able to use my inheritance combined with what I had saved from working to buy the building. My husband came to me and told me he wants me to deposit part of the rental income from the other townhomes into our family account. Allowing more spending money for fun. I reminded him of our agreements. Along with we no longer have a rent payment. We ended up in a fight. He is saying I am being a Jerk for not sharing the money coming in.

What do you think about this situation? Any advice for the wife…

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