Woman Called ‘Insensitive B***h’ For Telling Brother’s New Fiancée He’s Been Married Twice Before.

Marriage is a beautiful phase. It’s important to be honest with the person you are getting married to whether it’s your past, your job, etc. In this story a sister realised that her brother had given his fiancee almost nothing but falsehoods, she felt she had no option but to inform her brother’s fiancée the truth. Read the story and let us know whether she did the right thing.

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I (21f) have an older brother (29m) who has been divorced twice and is about to get married to his fiancé of two years (26f) and she had a party celebrating the fact that she got engaged a few days ago.

I was invited but my brother wasn’t since she wanted to have a little party with her friends and since she wanted to bond with me (her future sister-in-law) she also invited me. So I started chatting with her and her friends, and later in the night we started to get a little tipsy.

Then suddenly she started to talk about my brother, stating that she couldn’t believe that he never got married before since he is such a handsome man. But it didn’t make sense that she said that, since he was divorced twice, and one of his former wife’s had a child with him?

Then she started to talk about him saying things that wasn’t true like the fact that he was a lawyer, he worked at a hotel as a janitor and that he was making 150k a year when he was making minimum wage.

At this point I was shocked because of how all the things she was talking about was untrue so I asked who told her this and she said it was my brother. I was confused as of why he said that but I knew that before in his previous marriage’s that he had verbally abused his wife’s so I knew either way I could not let this slide. I brought her to the bathroom upstairs and told her everything I mean everything. She look shocked, and after I finished telling her she went downstairs got her stuff and said she felt sick and left.

The next day comes around and my phone was blown up with messages, miss calls and dm’s from my family and brother about what happened. It turns out that after she left she went to her house (where my brother was at the time) confronted him and broke up with my brother then kicked him out. My family and brother is calling me a insensitive b***h and a home wrecker, I don’t feel bad about telling her the truth but I do feel bad about ruining his engagement ?

Do you think the sister did the right thing?

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