Dad Livid After Girlfriend Demands He Spend An Hour A Day With Their Daughter So She Can Have ‘Me Time.’

While most relationships begin as enjoyable and exciting, major life events such as the birth of a child can drastically alter and challenge the dynamics. Being a mother is not easy. It’s a 24 hour job. You love being around your kid, playing with them, taking care of them, however at the same time there is no harm in taking a break for yourself- a ‘me time’ while your husband looks after the child. 

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My (F27) boyfriend (M28) and I have an 8mo daughter, of whom I am the sole caregiver despite us all living in the same house.

My boyfriend loves his work, but he is on his feet all day and has a relatively stressful job working with teenagers at a paramilitary school. I feel privileged to be a stay at home mom, but money is very tight and this is a huge source of stress for us.

For these reasons I haven’t complained too much about taking on all of the childcare responsibilities, but the strain is wearing on me and I have grown resentful.

Recently I have decided that I cannot do it all on my own anymore for my own health, and for our baby’s safety. Yesterday he made a joke about being the best dad and I snapped. I told him he can’t be a good parent without even being involved in her life. Then I said from now on he needed to dedicate an entire hour every single day to giving her his full attention and allowing me to have a break.

I feel like I might be the jerk for telling him he isn’t being a good father, and demanding a full hour every day when he works 12 hour shifts and is tired. I feel guilty for wanting a “break” from my daughter.

Do you think her request is reasonable? Any advice 

He works 4 12hr shifts and has 3 consecutive days off. His downtime is spent locked away in his office playing video games.

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