Woman Demands Boyfriend Buy Her New Glasses After He Destroyed Them During An ‘Experiment.’

Those of us who wear hearing aids or glasses on a daily basis are startled by the number of individuals who take a genuine interest in them. Some will just ask inquiries about them, while others will want to handle, investigate, or control them in some manner. However, this might pose major issues for the individual who truly needs them. Read the story and let us know whether the girlfriend is right by demanding a new pair of glasses from her boyfriend for his actions. 

Source: Reddit

My f21 boyfriend M22 has recently become interested in my glasses, either by trying them on or hiding them from time to time as a ‘prank’. I need my glasses all the time to do basically everything.

Days ago he wanted to try what it was like to shower while wearing glasses and took them while I was asleep. He unfortunately dropped them and caused them to break by stepping on them in the tub.

I found out after I woke and freaked out. He tried to calm me down but I started arguing with him about touching my glasses but he said he was just doing an “experiment” and didn’t mean for them to break. I told him to pay me for new ones but he thought that was ridiculous.

We started yelling at each other and he said he had to go to school and the argument continued later. He keeps avoiding to pay and is saying it was just an accident, and that I had no right to ask him to pay me for new ones and I should stop pushing.

Am i being a jerk for insisting on new glasses, it might have been an accident but still.

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