Woman Called ‘Ridiculous’ For Locking Cookware In Her Room After Roommate Ruined Her Old Set.

Those of us who have shared a room or a significant other know how enjoyable it can be, as well as how irritating it can be. This is particularly true when an individual disregards the other’s belongings or personal spaces. Read the story to know what the issue is between these two roommates and let us know what you think about the situation.

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I had a nice set of pots and pans (well, nice for a broke college student) when my roommate (also 19f) and I moved into our first apartment. She didn’t bring any cookware when we moved in, so I shared mine for all of our cooking. She’s not very experienced in the kitchen, so when when first moved in and I noticed her using a metal spatula on one of my pans I just asked her not to do it again because it would ruin them, thinking she just didn’t know. She thought I was being silly, but she said she’d use plastic or wooden utensils instead going forward.

Only, she hasn’t. Over the past six months we’ve lived together she’s completely ruined the whole set. I’d catch her using metal utensils on them probably half the time I was in the kitchen when she’d start cooking, and every time she apologizes and swears she’ll remember next time.

Last week I literally caught her using a knife to cut chicken that she was already cooking in the pan. Like, full-on using a hot pan as a cutting board. I was really upset and told her if she did that again I’d stop letting her use my cookware, and after a fight she told me I was being ridiculous about something that doesn’t matter, and she was never going to use anything other than the first utensil she grabbed from the drawer.

So after that fight, I ordered a replacement set, and yesterday morning when they got here I threw out the old set and am going to be keeping my new set in my locked bedroom when I’m not using it. I told her that she’d have to buy her own pots and pans if she’s just going to ruin them. We ended up having a pretty big fight about it last night, and then today, when my bf swung by before I got home from class, she made a big show of trying to cook eggs in a makeshift pan she made out of aluminum foil because, as she told my bf, “Elegant_Bullfrog is being a giant b*tch about the pans.”

I thought I was totally in the right here, but my bf’s told me I’m being pretty controlling/possessive of my stuff, and that I should have at least left her the old, ruined set rather than throwing them out. I’ve asked some friends tonight and they’re divided between I’m right, I’m totally ridiculous, or I at least shouldn’t have thrown away the old set. Like, I know it’s just pots and pans, but they’re really expensive for me right now, and I’d never treat someone else’s property like that, even if I thought they were being dumb about it.

How would you handle such a situation? Did she overreact?

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