Husband’s Mother Gives Me Laser Tattoo Removal For My Birthday…I Don’t Want Them Removed.

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My husband (43m) and I (31f) have been married for 3 years, together for 6. Obviously there is an age gap between my husband and I, which has never been an issue for us. My MIL however, has always greatly disapproved and likes to talk to me like I am a rebellious teenager instead of her son’s life partner. A big issue for her is the fact that I have tattoos.

I love all my tattoos, they are well done and a huge part of my identity. I can’t imagine myself without them and my husband loves how they look at me. MIL made a few comments while we were dating but my husband told her privately to drop it.

3 years ago, my husband and I hosted our families for my birthday dinner. It was our first big get-together after getting married and everyone was nice enough to bring me a gift. I was going to open them after everyone left but MiL handed me an envelope at the dinner table and insisted I open it immediately.

Inside was a card and a gift certificate to a local tattoo removal business for $500. I was confused and asked her what this was for. She said that since I was a married woman now and planning to have kids, she assumed I would want my tattoos removed. Both my husband and I were kind of taken aback and stunned. I half heartedly thanked her and the party continued. Later, my husband called her and told her off. He insisted she take it back and get her money back. She absolutely refused and insisted I would want it someday.

3 years later, her $500 is sitting in my kitchen junk drawer and I’ve added 3 more tattoos to the collection. Did I go too far here?

Would you be mad in her position? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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