This Mom Says She Regularly Gets Trolled on TikTok for Her ‘Big’ Baby

Trolls on social media will remark on almost anything these days. However, one woman on TikTok implies that individuals love coming out of the woodwork to critique her baby’s beauty. In fact, the woman claims she gets tormented on a regular basis by individuals who prefer to make crude comments or express their “concerns” about her 11-month-old’s weight. 

After all, the average 11-month-old boy weighs around 20 pounds and 12 ounces. But what about Kason? He weighs 31 pounds, the same as several 2-year-olds, and fits into clothing designed for children aged three.

So, sure, it’s fair to say Kason is a “big boy,” and his mother Alexa Priego isn’t exactly denying it.

The New York City mother expressed that he is the heaviest child in the entire world. He’s large and bulky – doctors said he’s in the 99th percentile for weight and height.

Priego also realizes why her son’s age is sometimes misunderstood.

She explained when people meet him, they question his age, and they are surprised when she tells them he is 11 months old because they anticipate him to be older.

But, according to the Manhattan parent, this is nothing new for her.

Priego admits, individuals are astonished but when her daughter was born, she was precisely the same. She thinks she simply has a lot of huge babies.

Priego is also the proud mother to 10-year-old Owen and 4-year-old Gracie, in addition to Kason.

However, believe it or not, her third child was born at a “normal” size.

Kason was born this spring to Priego, a hospital administrator, and weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, 14 ounces. However, after only two months of solely nursing him, the mother watched as her kid grew in size.

According to Priego, she discussed the unusual weight gain with her doctors, who were unconcerned.

Finally, they blamed it on Priego’s tendency to overproduce breast milk, which might have resulted in her infant being overfed. Kason transitioned to formula after many months, and his mother has lately begun to practice baby-led weaning since he has progressed to solids.

Despite the mother’s transparency, internet trolls continue to leave uninvited and unpleasant remarks on her page.

The remarks are sometimes innocent small jokes about how “grown up” her son appears.

“That baby pays the rent,” one user said on a recent TikTok video.

“No, because his parents are afraid of him,” another individual said.

Others believed they were being amusing but ended up sounding harsh.

“Are you feeding him other babies?” someone said.

Then there are others who “believe” they are being helpful…

In actuality, they’re just making a not-so-subtle insult.

“At this point, I’d probably consult the pediatrician…” one individual said.

“What are you feeding that baby?” someone else said.

“You can’t convince me that it’s impossible to overfeed newborns,” said another.

As per infant nutrition specialist it is possible to overfeed a baby. However, it is exceedingly unusual since newborns are self-regulating; they feed when they are hungry and stop when they are full.

Despite all detractors, Priego has a large number of followers.

In fact, for every negative comment on her Instagram or TikTok page, she receives a dozen more nice ones from fans who adore Kason.

Many of them have related similar accounts about their own kids, including mothers who claim their kids were clearly “larger” at first. However, after they began walking, they got taller and slimmer.

Even without their help, Priego is confident that her son is healthy.

She also observes that her boy is much more than his big thighs and large cheeks.

The mother said that he is the simplest child to care for, adding that Kason is “very easy-going and often grins at people” who pass by.

She explained when he clings onto the side of the sofa and attempts to stand on things, he crawls and can walk. He is a highly busy young man. He also crawls quickly-he’s a big boy’s pace.

For the time being, Priego is doing her best to ignore the comments and take them with a grain of salt. By  the end of the day, she recognizes that most people have good intentions, even if their reactions don’t always show it. Most significantly, she understands deep inside that her son is blissful and healthy, which is all that truly counts.

May the little boy always be cheerful and healthy and have a positive attitude just like his parents.

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