‘I am a server, not a servant’: Server calls out her ‘worst table ever’ who insisted their daughter be served alcohol with no ID

A TikToker’s number of videos on her “worst table ever” as a waiter has received over 1.5 million views on the network. In her films, @participationawardwife describes her encounter with a family that demanded on buying booze for their daughter, who had forgotten her ID.

The first film in the series begins with a photograph of this table’s bill, which includes a $157 tab and no tip. When the family in issue came and @participationawardwife started taking her order, she claims the young girl told her she had forgotten her ID at home and only had a passport photo to use as proof.

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As per the server, there are two children, an older one and a younger one; the younger one says she wants to have a cocktail, and the server is like, well, can she just check the girl’s ID? The girl says she doesn’t have it with her.

According to @participationawardwife, she notified the woman and her parents that she could not offer them drinks due to rules controlling the sale of alcohol and her certification, which made them quite angry.

She reports that after many minutes of back and forth, the woman’s mom finally purchased a beverage for herself, pushed it over the table to her daughter, and told the waitress that she would like to buy another. Several supervisors eventually intervened, informing the disgruntled client that she would not be offered drinks.

“Was she 21?” TikToker claims She is not sure. It makes no difference if you don’t have your physical ID. If you’re going to drink, you should be accountable enough to carry your Identification.

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User @participationawardwife and her managers kept an eye on the table, making it plain that they would be forced to leave if they gave their youngster a drink at the restaurant without her ID. When they got their orders, the family returned them, alleging that their meals had been undercooked or that their beverages had been diluted down.

According to the TikToker, the family stated that they would never come back to the establishment and left zero tip.

She adds she knew she was going to get screwed as they were exactly those kinds of people. And you know what else? She didn’t mind. She simply wanted them to go since they were making her night miserable. There were excellent tables that she couldn’t devote her focus to throughout all of my time with them, coping with difficulties that weren’t issues.

The server says she is a server, not a servant. One should never talk to somebody like that. She has been volunteering in some way for nearly 15 years. They were very likely the most rude table she has ever encountered.

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Commenters chastised the family for their refusal to observe state law and restaurant standards.

“I love what you stated, if you’re responsible enough to drink, you should be responsible enough to have your ID,” one person commented. “So true.”

“When I turned 21, I triple-checked that I had my ID every time I went out to eat because I was so afraid of being carded and not having it,” another user noted.

“The number of times I’ve worked on tables where parents assume they can just testify for their child being 21 without having an ID is shocking,” remarked a third.

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