Heartbreaking photo shows parents comforting 5-year-old daughter, hours before she dies of brain cancer

Zoey was three years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. She was raised in a loving home and, like many other kids, she was full of vitality and always in action before illness struck. She was cheerful, fun, and lovely. Zoey collapsed while playing one day. She lost power in both hands a few weeks later.

When the family noticed something was amiss with Zoey, they rushed her to the hospital. When they came, they heard something they will never forget, a message that will live in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

The doctor informed them that their precious little girl, who was full of life and love, had DIPG, an uncommon and severe brain tumour.

Casey, the mother, explained that they had no idea what to do or where to go. They were told it’s very much a death sentence. The family would go through a catastrophe and horror that no one would desire on their worst enemy.

But, for Zoey’s sake, they held their cool and attempted to be tough. Zoey would go through multiple cancer treatments over the next two years.

Zoey reacted well to radiation treatment at a facility in Germany, according to the family. She eventually stopped replying. She started to feel worse, quicker. Unimaginable things were going to happen. Zoey died quietly at her home in the United States on July 4, 2018.

While the family was obviously devastated by her impending death, her parents recognised just before it happened that they may have some beautiful final moments together.

Zoey proceeded to radiate happiness till the very end. Her parents invited all of her family and friends to visit them and meet her before it was too late.

Her mom has now boldly chosen to post the family’s final moments together on Facebook. Casey explained she posted it since, even though it’s a sad time for them, it’s a beautiful moment in their eyes.

Mom and dad are shown with their arms around their adorable kid. They’d taken a seat on the couch alongside the family’s dog. They had spent the entire day singing Disney tunes. A Harry Potter film was shown on television. And then, in the midst of the quiet, Zoey vanished.

Zoey’s heart stopped beating almost halfway through the film. She had witnessed a few families having moments and didn’t think she was going to share it.

But she said to herself, she wanted a shot like that taken. She wants to preserve those moments so she can cherish them forever, even after her brain is gone, she remarked.

The family now wishes to transmit the optimism and joy that Zoey gave the world all those years before her death through the Facebook page Zoey’s Light. They want Zoey to encourage people to support one another and to love one another unconditionally and gratefully – one ordinary day at a time.

No mother or father would ever have to go through what Caseby and Ben did.

Casey and Ben, you have been the most wonderful parents ever. Prayers will go on indefinitely. Zoey is now an angel that watches over all of us.

Precious Zoey, rest in peace.

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