‘I Am Excited, Happy’: Abdallah Family Who Lost Three Kids Reveal Baby’s Gender.

The Abdallah family is just days away from greeting a new love into their lives after the unlikely loss of three of their children in a shocking crash.

Danny Abdallah and his wife Leila have publicized the gender of the baby, who is due next week.

The parents will welcome a novel daughter who will be the youngest sibling for surviving children Liana, Michael and Alex. On 01st February, 2020 the Abdallah family was torn away from each other when a drunk driver killed their three children as well their cousin. The children were walking with their siblings and cousins to purchase ice cream when Samuel Davidson turns over into them as they walked on the footpath at Bettington Rd in Oatlands.

The grief-stricken parents Leila and Danny seized the hearts of the nation when they decided to pardon the driver who took the lives of their three young children

In December, the Abdallahs exposed that Leila was expecting her seventh child. Leila said in a series of happy snaps posted to Instagram that “God blessed us with a gift from above” as she announced her pregnancy.  

Danny said that the family was thrilled and glad about growing their family. He said that they are looking forward to the new adding in their family and they are having a baby girl. He said that they are very thankful as they lost two girls on the day of the tragedy.

The expectant parents considered honouring their lost children by naming their daughter after them, but decided against it. Danny said that they spoke about naming their daughter after the kids but they realised that it’s not fair on the child to have the identity of the other children. He said that the middle name of the yet to be born girl might be Angelina or Sienna and they wanted her to have the best possible start. Danny said that they do not feel it’s the right thing to name her after a child, after one of her siblings.

In December Leila said her surviving children had prayed for another brother or sister. She said that this is a new life and a new start for the kids. It has given them a new purpose in life and seeing them happy and giving them happiness is her resolution in life now.

Danny has also revealed that the families were discussing with Parramatta Council about a memorial respect to their children along Bettington Rd after considerations with Oatlands Golf Club site unsuccessful.

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