Ex-Wife Backed For Not Sharing Late Husband’s Inheritance With His Partner.

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Source: Reddit

I (58F) was married to a man for 16 years and we had a son. After my son was killed by a drunk driver we couldn’t support each other. We divorced 6 years ago, I moved to a different state and we haven’t spoken since then.

About a month ago I was contacted by the executor of his will and informed of his death. His latest will was written about a year ago. When I went I was informed that he left me everything, except for $10k that he left to his girlfriend. They were together for 2 years and lived in the same house.

Now his girlfriend is demanding that I surrender all of the inheritance to her. She says that I wasn’t the one that was there for him when he was drowning in his grief, that I moved on while he was still feeling guilt over the death of our son.

I have refused so far, but I still feel a bit guilty since I am planning to sell the house (our marital house, I couldn’t bear to stay in it after our son’s death) so she will have to look for housing (she can’t afford to, she doesn’t have a job). Also I make a good living and own a house outright (inherited from my parents).

Do you think the post author did the right thing or should she surrender all her inheritance?

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