Male Relatives Decide To Test Future In-Law’s “Manliness”, Are Livid When They Get Uninvited From The Wedding Instead.

Respecting your son’s or daughter’s better half is very important. If parents can’t respect their children’s spouse then they will be spoiling their married life. Pranks can be fun but should be done not out of line. Read this story and let us know whether the daughter was right for standing up for her fiance.

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I f22 grew up in a family where men prank and tease each others. Ever since my fiance (Tim 23) and I got engaged, my cousin, brother, dad and uncle joked about running some ‘tests’ to see what “type” of man Tim is. They’ve done stuff like forcing him to play chess 4 times in a raw, secretly slashed his tires to see if he’d fix it himself like a man or get help like those “lazy” guys, They’d asked him questions like what joke he’d like to tell his future MIL, his opinions on abortion, jesus, gender equality etc.

They also tested his fishing and hunting skills, overwhelmed him with hypothetical scenarios to test his decision making abilities/mental strength. They kept calling him slow and soft but he has medical condition (asthma) but they think he’s making ‘excuses’. I demanded they stop, but dad said this is just typical stuff men challenge each others with and said that I was ruining the fun.

Last week, They took Tim on a 3 day trip and hid his inhaler, he left them and returned in 7hrs and told me, I was seething after he said they admitted to hiding it as a “challenge”, I exploded on them when they returned. Cousin asked if “little timmy ran to me to tattle”. I yelled that all 4 of them are uninvited to my wedding. My brother freaked out saying it was a prank and they were going to give it back, Dad said they’ll apologize if I insist but Tim will have lost the little respect they’d gained for him and in their eyes will always be “the soft college kid” who’s not up for the challenge. I called him and the others awful then I left.

My cousin is begging that we talk, my uncle has been quiet, but dad is so mad and now he’s getting mom involved to get me to reconsider this decision. But I keep refusing to re invite them. Mom is saying I’m exaggerating and should let bygones be bygones and not let this ruin my relationship with my family. 

Would you be mad in her position?

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