Man Livid After Wife Deletes All Pregnant Pictures Of Her From His Phone While He Was Sleeping.

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Source: Reddit

I can’t explain why, but I absolutely hate seeing pictures of myself pregnant and asked people not to take them. A few days ago, I saw my husband had changed his lock screen to a pregnant me. When I asked him about it, he told me he had missed me/the baby while he was away and that’s why he took the picture and changed it to his lock screen. He admitted he had forgotten to change it back before he got home and that every time he went on a business trip he was changing it to pictures of me pregnant.

I was upset and I asked him to delete it. He said he would but when he was sleeping I had a nagging feeling that he hadn’t actually deleted it so I checked his phone. He had 100+ pictures of me pregnant all taken without me noticing, including the one I asked him to delete. I deleted all of them.

Yesterday he noticed and was really upset over it. We had an argument and he made a big show of changing his phone passcode and implied he had the pictures backed up.

Did she overreact? Any advice 

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