‘I Do What the Bible Tells Me,’ Grandma Says as She Marks Her 107th Birthday and Reveals the Secret to Longevity.

Adell Julie Thompson was born on October 10, 1915, in Santee, South Carolina, in Orangeburg County. It was the same place where she had lived her youth, adolescence, adulthood, and, eventually, old age.

Adell described growing up as witnessing huge changes all around her, many of which are engraved on her memory and heart.

Adell’s friends and relatives arranged a birthday parade in her honor to commemorate her 107th birthday. It was a milestone that the old lady had never expected to reach, but its significance was not lost on her. She stated that she never imagined she’d live to reach 107, however the Lord saved her, and she try to do the right thing, she guess so folks don’t gossip about others.

Adell has presumably seen and witnessed a wide range of events over her more than 100 years on Earth.

She strolled down memory lane recalling a few major details from the past.

The older person recalls seeing Santee alter dramatically as she grew up. She commented that Santee had grown so much in the last several years that she had trouble recognizing it as a city at times.

According to the South Carolina woman, she witnessed people shift from riding mules and horses to driving vehicles. Adell’s tone became noticeably wistful as she reminisced on how the town had changed in before of her eyes.

According to the old lady, she went to school in Elloree and worked as a second-grade substitute teacher in the 1930s. She married her late husband, Eddie Thompson, in 1940.

Adell recalled spending several years assisting her four brothers on family farms, where she performed household tasks such as cotton picking. But that wasn’t all.

The centenarian claimed to have witnessed 18 U.S. presidents, World War II, and even the 1929 stock market crash.

Adell, who has three daughters, six grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren, never imagined she would live long enough to see Barack Obama become the first black president of the United States.

Adell’s response when questioned about the key to her long and joyful life was brief, simple, and lovely. She stated that she does what the Bible says.

The 107-year-old lady attributed her long and flourishing life to her adherence to God’s ideals and the teachings of the Bible. She also praised the Lord for assisting her in doing the correct thing and swore to uphold the truth till her last breath.

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Cher attributes her youthful appearance to her healthy lifestyle choices.

On her 100th birthday, Grandma becomes a bridesmaid at her granddaughter’s wedding.