On her 100th birthday, Grandma becomes a bridesmaid at her granddaughter’s wedding.

Vita Cresswell resided in Seaton, Cumbria, England, with her wonderful family. She and her three siblings — two sisters and a brother — were very close to their grandmother, Martha Wallbank, who raised their mom, Veronica Cresswell, as a single parent.

Martha, a single mother, was believed to have worked three jobs to support her kid. Vita also stated that her loving grandmother had looked after her and her siblings as children, bringing them on long walks and indulging them with her soft love and compassion.

Martha was born in Yorkshire, although she resided at Kirkland Bungalows in Cockermouth, Cumbria, until she was 98 years old. Following that, the caring grandma moved into the Solway House care home in Maryport.

The Seaton lady said she and her siblings treasured their vivacious grandmother, who meant everything to them and was an important part of their lives. Vita also stated that they’re all pretty close, and she happen to live the closest to her, so they spend a lot of time together.

When Vita chose to marry the love of her life in 2016, she realised she had to tell her grandmother.

Martha had an amazing reaction when she learned that her gorgeous granddaughter had decided to settle down with her boyfriend of eight years. Vita remembered her grandmother’s precise reaction. She just lightened up and said is she the bridesmaid?

Vita and her then-fiancé, Gary Whineray, 31, decided they didn’t want their wedding to be all about them, so they created a strategy. The pair planned to marry on their grandmother’s birthday.

You might be wondering why the couple picked Martha’s birthday as the date for their wedding. Vita had the following to say about it. They were curious in how individuals choose dates, so they chose Martha’s birthday. Then she just asked whether she is the bridesmaid and they thought, why not? and went with it. It was really sweet that she was completely done up.

Vita, aged 29, went down the aisle on April 8, 2016, with her happy grandmother as both a guest of honor and a bridesmaid. Martha looked stunning with a vintage white coat and a light blue bonnet embellished with lace and feathers.

Gary and Vita remembered how their cheery grandmother took the spotlight and became the spirit and soul of their special day festivities. It was beautiful how delighted she was. She had a great time, Vita also contributed.

Martha allegedly chose all of the hymns for her granddaughter’s wedding, as well as the post-wedding dinner. Vita recalled, it couldn’t have gone any better. They purchased her bouquets and she was dressed in the same colors as the other bridesmaids. She was humming, laughing, and waving to everyone.

The minister delivered a surprising announcement after the Cumbria couple married at Lorton Church. Soon after, the visitors sung Martha a happy birthday song.

Vita and Gary, to their delight, stated that they had a memorable day and that everything went flawlessly.

The couple was concerned that Martha, who was reasonably healthy save for a few memory difficulties, would mistake herself for the bride since she was infatuated with the groom.

Vita told that her grandmother adored and cherished Gary. She described their relationship as “wonderful,” with Martha pranking Gary and him being quite passionate over her condition.

The pair stated they had a fantastic time on their wedding day. But what made them happy was that their beloved grandma had an incredible birthday while dressed as a bridesmaid.

The kind grandmother’s tale went viral on social media, eliciting reactions from people all around the world:

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