“I Don’t Know What She Expected Me To Do”: Disgusted Woman Berates SIL For Breastfeeding Her Baby.

Not all will enjoy your assistance and friendliness; in fact, some may be angry at you for it. Would you feed a starving baby? You’d probably answer ‘sure.’ Would you, though, nurse a baby you’re babysitting without first obtaining consent from the mother? While many of you might still say ‘yes,’ others may be uneasy with the circumstance. And that is exactly what we are discussing today in this story. Read the whole story and let us know what you would do in such a situation.

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Me and SIL gave birth around the same time this year , so we have babies of similar age, just that mine was born a month earlier than hers.

2 days ago, my brother and SIL came over for lunch with their 4 month old. Everything was cordial between us till then. After lunch, SIL and my brother handed over my niece to me for babysitting so that they could attend a formal event held by SIL’s extended family near my location.

During the time they were gone , my niece started crying because she was hungry. Unfortunately we ran out of formula and don’t really rely on it in our household as I nurse my own baby most of the time. I really did not have any other alternative except to nurse my niece which I did a few times because they were gone for quite long.

They came back and me and SIL had a casual conversation till I told her that niece was hungry and we ran out of formula, so I nursed her. SIL looks at me sternly with a hint of disgust and berates me for nursing my niece. I did not retaliate because I was too shocked at why she would be so agitated when all I did was feed her child. If I had formula I would have used it for my niece but I ran out of it and it was only me , my child and baby niece. How am I going to leave them alone and then run to the supermarket to buy formula???I don’t have two seater baby prams either so I can’t bring them along to the supermarket. If SIL had a preference she should have brought some formula in the baby essentials pack she passed to me. There were only diapers, rash cream and pacifiers in the bag she gave me, no formula powder. So am I just supposed to let my niece be hungry till they come back? I don’t know what she expected me to do.

SIL has not been attending my calls since this and honestly I feel bad, I want to apologize but SIL has not been responding. This got me thinking…Am I A Jerk?

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