Man Mistreats His Stepdaughter For Years, She Then Proceeds To Refuse To Help Him Out After Finding Out That He’s Seriously Sick.

We are taught from birth that these are the individuals we should trust and love the most. Nevertheless, reality can often deviate from our expectations when we discover that even our closest friends and family are willing to abandon us.. Family is regarded as one of the most significant aspects of a person’s existence. But what if they are the same folks who have abandoned you? Read the story and share your thoughts on this.

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I was a baby when my mom met my sister’s dad. Something like 5 or 6 months old, not totally sure. He was straight up with her that I would not be important to him because I was someone else’s daughter. She was fine with that. Sounds like they moved in together within a few weeks of dating and he was never any kind of on with me. I was 4 when they had my sister Katie. They were married at this time too.

Katie was always the apple of her dad’s eye. She and I had… a very off relationship. Sometimes we got along kind of okay, but I will pull back when she would start praising her dad and telling me how lucky *we* were to have him as *our* dad. Even after her dad told her I was not his kid and she was the only person in the world who mattered to him, she would still bring him up to me as being amazing to us. Our mom was often around to tell me I needed to accept that I had a different dad to Katie and that needed to be okay. She told me kids have different parents all the time and are still siblings and should be close.

Katie got everything while I got nothing. A fact that she would point out a lot. Why don’t you have nice clothes, why don’t you eat with us, why don’t you come to the amusement park with me and dad, etc. She’d tell me to ask for it. One time she followed me around all day to as “dad” for new clothes and to get her off my back I did. He asked me why the hell I was asking him for anything and that was that. Katie said I gave up too easily.

When my mom got sick when I was 16 I decided it was time to speak the full truth to Katie so she would hopefully understand. She claimed that her dad was still my dad because he had raised me, and that I should still treat him like my dad. She was 100% dismissive of everything. She was 12 so understandable.

I moved out just before my 18th birthday and then mom died. It came as no surprise to me that I wasn’t welcome. Katie wanted me there but her dad made it clear it was not the place for me, and to be honest I hated my mom, so I wasn’t sad to miss the funeral.

Katie’s dad was diagnosed with terminal lung disease and liver disease after not taking care of himself. I’m 24 and Katie is 20 and she called when they got the news saying we would need to help take care of him. I told Katie no way. She said we can’t just leave him. That we owe him better than to leave him to rot alone and unwanted. I told her I owe that man nothing. That he hated me and did nothing for me and I do not care to comfort him in his final months. She told me she could not do it alone. I told her she would need to let others help her but I was not going to care for the man who verbally berated me for not being his when I had no choice in any of it. She called me selfish and said I should be doing it for her then, because she needs my help and I’m all she has in the world. Am I A Jerk?

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